Na exciting task of conceiving a new identity for CONVIR, we faced the challenge of condensing 35 years of success in accounting services into a strong and unique brand. It is not common to come across a company that, after three decades of journey, still demonstrates enthusiasm for innovation and continuous improvement.

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Evolution is the foundation of its identity, based on internal organization and a commitment to excellence. The team is ready to explore new opportunities while maintaining the legacy built over 35 years of business and, of course, the personalized service that values the individuality of each business.

CONVIR remains committed to its mission of leading and innovating in a constantly evolving business environment, tackling the challenge of competing with digital accounting services.

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I am very pleased with the services provided by Bruno and the team. They managed to surprise me with the delivery of the final result. Bruno is extremely professional, attentive, and committed. He delivered beyond the agreed scope. I wish you much success! And may our partnership continue!
Priscila Provazi - CEO, Convir

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