Hescko is a jewelry store, whose meaning refers to the maiden name of the maternal great-grandmother of its owner. She believes that knowing her roots and knowing more about the lives of her ancestors made her value her family more. So, he combined this last name with the office that has accompanied her husband's family for almost 40 years and they built this company.
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His passion, along with his devotion, are the central elements that I used in the composition of this work. This text masterfully represents the concept behind this mark: "The present opens the way to the one who delivers it and leads it to the presence of the great". (Proverbs of Solomon 18.16)
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"There are no words to thank you for your professionalism and dedication. Your heart is in our logo. In that presentation my eyes watered when contemplating soon, color palette, every detail more beautiful than I could imagine. My husband and I were so happy to see our dream taking the first of many steps. Thank you so much for so much, our partner goes far!".
Hutiscleia Boaventura, owner.

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