One of our main advantages is the fact that we offer complete services, including assistance in drafting contracts and partnerships with banking correspondents. This means that we are here to simplify and make life easier for our clients, ensuring that every step of the process of buying or selling property is handled professionally and efficiently.

In addition, our team specializes in documental and constructive engineering, which allows us to provide a comprehensive service to our customers. We work in partnership with leading architects, providing innovative and customized solutions to meet the individual needs of each client. In this way, we seek to maximize investment opportunities for our clients, providing them with exclusive and profitable options.

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Hooda is a real estate company that operates in Joinville and its surroundings, and that is specialized in the sale of high and medium-end properties that values ​​customer service, offering a friendly, responsible and personalized service. We work so that every interaction with our company is marked by courtesy, attention to the smallest details and professional guidance.

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It was really nice working with you! The expectation was huge and you managed to capture our essence and pass on to Hooda the seriousness, commitment, and also our lightness and joy! We are very happy and ready to put Hooda to fly!!!
Elis Canavarro

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