To build an Identity that conveys seriousness, comfort and gratitude, it was necessary to go to the etymological root of the Hawaiian term "mahalo". The word has an extensive and deep meaning, but the translation can be simplified to "thank you".

The prefix "ma" means "inside", "ha" means "breathing" and "alo" can be translated to "presence". Thus, Mahalo would mean "that you are within the divine presence", that is, a kind of transcendental prayer or blessing that one individual desires for the other.

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The symbol chosen for the visual identity means "gratitude". He first appeared in the book "Go Gratitude", drawn by its author Stacey Robyn. The icon together with the Hawaiian philosophy transmit non-negotiable values to the company.

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Man you are extremely dedicated and pro. You managed to convey exactly what I imagined for the identity of my company, very attentive and detailed.
Nando Alves CEO

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