The logo of this brand is composed of an icon that points to an element that is found in one of the stained glass windows of Westminster Abbey (a church with predominantly Gothic architecture) which is one of the most notable religious chapels in the UK and the traditional place of coronation and burial of English and later British monarchs. It is worth noting that the name means "monastery of the west" west is "west", and minster comes from the Old English mynster which means "monastery". Therefore, in the composition of typography, we point to this meaning through the thickness of each typographic element, growing from west to east.
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Westminster was born from a dream of the Brazilian Leonardo Almeida to make the new, his passion for clothes makes each piece made with a high standard of quality, from the choice of material to the care of the packaging and labels.
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"Bruno, I would like to thank you for the excellent service provided with the idealization of the Westminster Visual Identity. More than a graphic designer, you proved to be a person dedicated to serving the other and providing a service of excellence. You have delivered more than our previous agreement, you really invested time and creativity focusing on the relationship you will have with the customer in the long term, knowing that a satisfied customer will be able to refer you to other customers. Congratulations on the great work and thank you for the partnership."
Leonardo Almeida, owner.

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